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How to Play

The object of the game is to introduce and inform young people to the cause and treatment of common physical problems that have a solution known as First Aid. Office Visits to a doctor are also explained for both common and serious problems, giving a better understanding to the patient. First doctor to fill the spaces in their Hospital wins. All this is done in a fun way with many "ups and downs" for the player. Rolling the dice, players choose which doctor and hospital is theirs.

Start: Players put their pawn on their doctor's Hospital Visit space. The first player rolls the dice and moves counter clockwise to the low number on the dice and moves finger to high number on dice.

Example: Player rolls a 3 and 6 - pawn moves 3 spaces counter clockwise and finger moves 6 spaces. Player then chooses which space to move to that is more favorable to where the player was. Player to right moves next.

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